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Children’s Picture Books


Below are some of the stories that are taking up lots of happy brain space right now. Hoping to get them out into the world soon — stay tuned for more!

Times Square at Night.png

Luna Marie

Envisioned as a series, this city girl’s journey of wonder, hidden treasures, and perseverence takes us through cities around the world.


Other Work


I don’t only write children’s picture books; I also write essays on contemporary issues and ethics. I’m a member of the University of Oxford’s Philosophical Society, where my latest essay on Kant, deontology, and particularism will appear in the next issue of their Review.

Lately I’ve been working on writing more accessible-yet-compelling essays on ethics in contemporary life. My publication on is called Sun, Sand, + Socrates, and yes: I really do write from the beaches of Puerto Rico.

Click below for some of my recent work, or the link just above to see it all:

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